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Trying Your Best, But Still Failing

Growing up, I had one goal.

To become a professional athlete

I didn’t care if it was basketball, baseball, or football. I just wanted to play…and if I didn’t make it, I was nothing more than a failure

My basketball career quickly came to end after tearing my ACL at the end of my freshman season at Southwestern University (I tore it again just a couple years later playing in a 3 on 3 tournament). Failure.

My football career quickly came to an end after tearing my ACL for a third time during my second season of Semi-Pro Football. Failure.

My baseball career quickly came to an end after not making the cut at an Arizona Diamondbacks tryout in 2008 (Pictured). Failure.

We have all lost someone, something, and at times even ourselves. We lose. We don’t make the team. We get hurt. We fail. That’s simply part of life. We gain and we lose. It would be amazing to go through life and not go face disappointments, loneliness, despair, or catastrophe.

This is...

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Fear Sucks

Fear sucks.
Whether it is COVID, politics, the economy, vaccines, traveling or public speaking…Fear sucks life from us.
Fear is one of the most common reasons people procrastinate in taking action toward living their best life.
We fear failure, rejection, being embarrassed, disappointed, angering other people, or getting hurt. So we tend to avoid risk and try to “play it safe.”
Fear is natural. But where does it come from?
The truth is, we create it. Nearly all our fears are made up in our own minds and imaginations. We scare ourselves by imagining negative outcomes to any activities we pursue or experience.
But just because we imagine these terrible outcomes, that doesn’t mean they will play out the way we’ve scripted them...or that they will be as painful as we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.
Fear is all about what MIGHT happen – not what WILL happen.
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Today’s society seems to have a fascination with buzzwords.
Buzzwords all have meaning behind them, but often do not communicate a clear message. For example, “basic,” "woke,” and “adulting.” We know them but what are they implying?
For the past several months, there seems to be a trend of a new word. It is on posters, YouTube channels, and T-shirts at the gym. Often times it flows in conversation with my peer group.
Apparently, the word means that the person in question is the most dominant - the best.
Zoological studies often refer to the dominant male in a group of animals as the Alpha. The approach to their position is aggression.
That’s all fine and dandy for a pride of lions. But…what about humans?
The stereotype of an Alpha in human form is often the buff guy who’s super intense, aggressive and presents himself as such. He’s the guy...
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