Let’s face it, the last 18 months have been nothing short of chaos. The goals we intentionally set and then changed again and again have been put on pause or have even been thrown out the window. What do we do when life happens and the big, audacious goals we set at the beginning of the year no longer make sense?

Agents, if you’ve felt dismissed this year, that is okay! Most of us have had to learn how to get creative, reevaluate our goals, and hit the restart button. But it is time to get back in the game in 2022 and start fresh! Let’s go! To do that, we must be intentional with life’s priorities. I often hear people complain about lack of time when lack of direction is the problem.

Most of us entered this industry for two reasons, earning capacity and lifestyle. Yet we are busier than ever before. The first step toward living the kind of life you’ve always wanted is by putting your ideal schedule on paper. You’ve got to have a plan. Being intentional about how you use your time is the difference between living the life you want and just being stuck.

The Producer Development Planner is your personal guide to help you get optimum results from the time you spend and build a life that you are proud of. My new planner will not only help create a schedule that works, but it will also help you set goals and inspire you to build a life you always dreamt of. As you use this planner, my hope is that you feel me right there with you, encouraging you every day of the year.

My desire is that you will be motivated, encouraged and challenged to achieve the results you desire and finish 2022 strong – no matter what comes your way.


Produce with Purpose

The way I see it, there is only one way to live: intentionally. And one of the easiest ways to start living intentionally is by getting your weekly calendar dialed in. That is why using a planner can help you begin blocking out time and focusing on what is most important. Seriously, when you write things down, you’re statistically more likely to stay focused and finish what matters most.

2022 Producer Development Planner Features


Quarterly Goal Setting

Here is where you’ll set your goals for the quarter and describe what a successful quarter would look like. You can list key dates, important deadlines and even make sure your goals are SMART, Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. See a theme here? I want you to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind no matter where you are in the year!

Weekly Preview

What will you keep, improve, stop, or start doing each week? Remember, this doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve broken each week up into bite-sized pieces so you can accomplish what’s most important.

There is also space to list important events, deadlines, and upcoming tasks along with plenty of space to jot down notes, that phone number you need to call back or just a reminder to pick up the dry cleaning.

Weekly Calendar

Fill in the time slots with your to-do list and your day-to-day commitments with the Time Blocking method. Time Blocking is the practice of planning out every moment of your day in advance and dedicating specific time blocks for certain tasks and responsibilities.

Why time block? Because it generates a massive amount of productivity. A 40-hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.

What to time block? Quotes, emails, phone calls, meetings, proposals and more.

Directory of Preferred Insurance Agents

You’re licensed in Montana but have a client moving to Florida and want to make sure they are well taken care of but just don’t know where to go? With the 2022 Producer Planner we have interviewed, questioned, and certified 52 top performing insurance professionals. Your client is moving to Iowa, no problem we’ve got just the agent for you. Your best friend took a job in Wisconsin, and you don’t know where to send them, we’ve got it. Or your little sister is off to college, and you need a reliable agent in Arizona. Then look no further because we have a preferred independent agent in every state (including Canada and Washington DC) so you can confidently refer your client to a reputable agent.


52 weeks in the year and 52 preferred partners. Couldn’t have scripted it any better. Each week as you get to the weekly preview, you will have a piece of encouragement, a quote, or a simple piece of advice waiting for you. We reached out to all 52 preferred partners and asked them, “If you could publicly share one piece of wisdom with independent agents, what would it be?”.  The wisdom, knowledge and experience shared may be just what you need to close the next big sale, retain the account, or simply get you through the day.


What is Different About the Producer Development Planner?

The Producer Development Program gave you the tools and inspiration you needed to be a top performing producer. But what I’ve learned is that our lives don’t just start and end with producing. Our careers are made up of so much more. So, if we’re only looking at sales skills, we may be limiting what we can accomplish.

That is why I created this 2022 planner. I want to help you in more ways than just closing more accounts (although I’m cheering you on there too). I want to help you with your earning capacity and lifestyle, the two reasons you entered this industry.

It is time to leave behind the chaos and stress of winging your weekly calendar. This planner will help you as you plan out what you want to accomplish with every working hour of your year. And then it will help you put your goals to work as you become more focused on your priorities.

The Producer Development Planner is for everyone in the insurance industry, not just producers. The key here is that this is a priority planner, not just a calendar to tell you where you must be or what you have to do that day. The focus is all about helping you take the right steps each week to help you build a life you’re proud of.

Are you ready to start planning and growing? Get your copy of the 2022 Producer Development Planner and start producing with purpose.

Let’s go!

This new planner will help you not only manage your schedule, but also grow as a business professional.


About the Author

Brandon Smith is working to be a catalyst in the evolution of independent agents: In addition to his role as EVP of Development & Strategy at Glidewell, he is the founder of Producer Development Program and the CEO/Owner of PolicyTee. He also was co-founder of Insurance Agency Owners Alliance (IAOA), an association of agents who innovate and collaborate through events, webinars and more. Brandon has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and to dream again. With his background as a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for Glidewell, Brandon honed his skills and helps motivate audiences who are just surviving in business rather than thriving.

With his engaging and fun personality, Brandon connects with his audiences and delivers content that they can immediately use when they get back to their home or office. The 18-year industry veteran was recognized by Rough Notes Magazine as their cover agent in July of 2020.